Laptop Scanners Contribute to a Paperless Office Environment

Laptop scanners make life so much easier for the business traveler. Picture yourself carrying a briefcase that isn't weighed down by heavy stacks of documents. Can you think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate that? Laptop scanners can make that possible.

Laptop scanners are lightweight enough to fit easily inside your briefcase or laptop case. Without the need for an external power cord, these little units export their data to your laptop or PC just with the assistance of a USB cable. How easy is that? Laptop scanners are invaluable companions at trade shows, business conferences and seminars. Instead of collecting stacks of business cards, flyers and promotional materials, run them through your laptop scanner! Using optical character recognition technology, your scanner captures and separates the data out into the format fields used by your network contacts software.

Laptop scanners also represent financial savings to department management, since they are small enough for sharing among several team members. Everyone on the team has access to information once it has been downloaded into the network. This feature alone enhances group marketing and networking efforts.

Laptop scanners also track business expenses. They scan and capture the data from receipts and organize it into such categories as vendor name, purchase type, date, method and amount. You can export that data into your company's financial management software and digitally submit it to your bookkeeping department at month's end. How many bookkeepers wouldn't appreciate that method more than a stack of loose paper receipts? Just in case, though, laptop scanners retain digital copies of paper receipts in the event further expense backup is required.

Laptop scanners are also used to capture business documents and create electronic files for review on the road or back at the office after a business meeting. There's no longer any need to stuff your briefcase full of documents if those documents can be converted to digital form. Turn valuable time spent in airport waiting areas into money when the data is at your fingertips.

Small businesses find laptop scanners to be valuable tools for capturing client identification from passports, drivers licenses and medical insurance cards. Check in times at the doctor's office are greatly reduced when a receptionist scans that information versus spending additional time at the copy machine.

Laptop scanners also have personal applications. Most people keep documentation such as birth and marriage certificates, professional licenses and real property title papers in their homes. What would be the ramifications if something happened to some or all of those papers? Laptop scanners create digital copies of your important documents for reproduction in the event the originals are lost or destroyed.

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