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I am a happy network administrator just because I have convenience to use good network management software. You can't imagine how many features a network management software offers. It has put off lot of burden and stress from the shoulders of IT Managers.

If you are IT personnel managing a medium to large network, I would suggest you to use, user friendly network management software. Having said this, finding perfect network management software can be a little difficult if you haven't tried it yet.

Well, I have found my network management software through internet research and you may not believe about its capabilities. It is installed on a single Windows server and has ability to scan all the network systems and devices from the server.

Once the scan is complete, it tells you about all the hardware and software programs installed on every computer. It tells you if the disk space at a particular computer is low, printer needs refill, a new software is installed on any computer, hardware is replaced and many more. You get all this information through email or network management software alerts you.

My network management software offers help desk support management system. The users can send their support requests which are collected as tickets. These requests are then prioritized and responded. The network management software offers many reports which are really helpful to manage the network.

So, if you are in need of network management software, I would suggest you to download a freeware from the internet to get familiarize about the different features of network management software. The one you would need must be according to your network requirements. So, try different network management software programs and see which suits you.

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